Monthly Flower Subscription - 3/6 Months - Select to view prices

Monthly Flower Subscription - 3/6 Months - Select to view prices

Introducing our Monthly Flower Subscriptions!!  These bouquets will showcase fresh flowers that are seasonal, local and also imported. They will be made with foraged and imported greenery/grasses and will include other elements to make a custom floral arrangement perfect for your vase.


Deliveries are the first Friday of every month. Orders MUST be in by the last monday of the previous month or they will not be accomodated. 

Ex. If you are ordering for the first Friday of May, your order must be in on the last monday of April. *** PLEASE SELECT SUBSCRIPTION DELIVERY AT CHECK OUT ***



- 3 Month  - $180.00

- 6 Month  - $320.00 - Save $40.00



We have 4 colour palettes to choose from Simple, Pastel, Gem Tones, and Bright. Each palette will be a mix of blooms in the suggested colours below .


Simple - Whites, Nudes, Beiges and Creams 

Pastel - Pinks, Lavenders, Soft Yellows and Light Blues

Gem Tones - Deep Burgundies, Dark Blues, Burnt Oranges, Crimson Reds, Eggplant Purple, Golds and Coppers

Bright - Reds, Yellows, Oranges, Greens, Blues and Purples. 

  • Care Instructions

    Your bouquet will be wrapped in brown craft paper and if it is cold or raining it will have a clear plastic bag over it to protect it from the elements. Once the flowers make it to their destination, please do the following care instructions.

    1. If this is the final home for the flowers, give the stems a trim at the bottom to re open the pores so they can drink. Make sure the water and vase are clean. 

    2. If this is not the final home for the flowers, please make sure they are hydrated until they are given to the recipient. 

    3. Change the water in the vase every couple of days and give the stems a recut so they can drink the fresh water.

    4. The water does not need any additives to make sure the flowers last. Just some TLC every couple days and they will be sure to last longer. You have my word

    5. Enjoy this process. Have a little fun rearranging the flowers to make them last longer. 

PriceFrom C$60.00
Excluding GST/HST