Thank you so much for inquiring about our Grinch Trees! We can't believe how fast they sold last year, so this year, we are prepared and hoping to make as many as our little hands can handle. We will be keeping up the supply at Lakelife during their Christmas Open House from November 18 - 22. Please see for more information and to book your spot!!! WE WILL NOT BE DOING PRE ORDERS FOR THE LAKELIFE OPEN HOUSE. Pre orders for grinch trees will begin after

November 22 to make sure your grinch trees last until Christmas. 

Please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire below so we can get creating for you!

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Planter or Pot Style - Christmas Classic or Simple and Solid,  - SOLD OUT - Natural Touches

Colours of Bobbles - Green, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, Black

Amount of Grinch Trees you would like to order

Delivery or Pick Up - Please provide delivery address to find out delivery fees. Pick up locations are Lakelife Studio, Camlachie and Flora & Forage, Camlachie

Preferred date for pick up or delivery. Dates beginning after November 22. We will email you back with follow up questions to book your date and will do our best to get everyone their order as fast as we can. We ask for patience and understanding during these times. 

If you have any specific information you would like to provide us with, please do so below.