After high school graduation I did a stint in Ottawa as an Admin assistant,  At 20, I moved to Calgary where I managed an Earls Restaurant & Bar for two and a half years. Tricky at best, restaurant life can also be truly rewarding; however I knew deep down there was no heart or passion in it for me. As often happens in life, circumstances and opportunity had other plans in the works. A co-worker of mine knew a woman that owned a unique flower shop and thought that we should meet after I expressed my love for flowers to him. Wanda at Wildflowers became my first mentor. As difficult as it was to adjust to the career and income change, having my soul and my heart nourished was something I needed, and was so much more fulfilling. This passionate, multi-talented lady boss was the OG in everything creative. She took me under her wing and taught me the mechanics required to succeed. For 3 years I apprenticed under her and the passion, vision and lust for discovery she taught me will stay with me forever. 


I loved my time with Wanda but due to struggles with addiction and because of health concerns, in 2013 I moved back home to Sarnia, Ontario. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent immediate surgery. After a lengthy recovery and with help from friends and family, I got back to work, took better care of myself, and got motivated!! My vision was clear; I knew exactly what I was meant to do, I needed to be in the flower business! I followed my heart, explored my passions, and that lead me to Toronto. I knew if I were going to excel at my craft and become the best florist I could be, it would be there. As it turned out, moving to Toronto has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have met extremely talented people in the industry and have had opportunities of learning and gaining experience that I once dreamed of! Along the way I found that after each new experience and lesson, I was able to flourish as a designer, my creativity began to flow more, and Flora & Forage’s style took shape. I gained the confidence and trust in myself to be able to share my passion and my visions with the likes of you.  

Toronto has done many things to change my life, but Toronto really changed my life when I met Adrian! Adrian is my future husband, best friend, biggest supporter / support system and the second part to FF. Adrian shows me that the passion in my heart and soul not only leads to happiness in life, but also business. We challenge and excite each other to grow [pun intended] on a daily basis. His commitment to Flora & Forage is singular [other than for me of course!]. In our early days we used our bedroom as a floral cooler now we are in the process of renovating our 2nd studio space in Camlachie. His support, strength, patience and love help to make the business as successful as it is. He is the calm to my storm. The organization to my chaos and, the brawn to my beauty!

Making the choice to chase a creative career can be very daunting at times.You can have moments where you feel like you are not doing or creating enough, your social media presence is lacking and that finding your niche is getting you stuck in a rut. But you MUST keep at it!! It is the most rewarding feeling when find your flow, are able to create new friendships from what started out as clients / customers and see your art work in the moments and memories of everyone who buys flowers from you. Every Bride and Groom should have the chance to have the wedding of their dreams. We will work with any budget to achieve that for all of our clients working with what ever we can to create those magical moments.  If we can leave you with anything, we leave you with this…
Discover your connection. Live a life of passion. And make your dream come true. 

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