About Us

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Flora & Forage!! We are an eclectic floral studio focusing on foraged materials and products while discovering inspiration from nature to create whimsical and elegant custom designs.


If you know me, you know I bring a lot of excitement, passion and creativity into what I do as often as I can, if not every single day. If you are new to us, then please continue reading below as you will learn a little bit about us. Actually a lot because I wear my heart on my sleeve and believe honesty is the best policy. Recently Flora & Forage welcomed the addition of a new family member, our beautiful daughter Faye Eva - Marie Rende. She was born on March 17 and we truly couldn't be more in love and excited to share this life with her. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their support and allowing me to work my magic, share my art and leave a piece of my heart with all of you. I hope to continue to share this journey, so we hope you stay tuned and join us in this adventure.